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You are doing the romantic part of my mother, Dighi is the Prime Minister

You are doing the romantic

Actress Prarthana Fardin Dighi will act within the film ‘Bangabandhu’ supported the biography of Father of the state Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Before the shooting of the movie started on January 9, the actors and actresses of the movie visited her residence at the invitation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Dighi also visited the PM’s residence with Arifin Shuvo, Nusrat Farrier and Nusrat Imroz Tishar. Dighi told the media that he felt the necessity to satisfy the Prime Minister.

Dighir spent the day at the Prime Minister’s residence on Saturday (January 9). they need talked about Bangabandhu’s family with the Prime Minister for an extended time. Another daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Rehana was also present at the time.

What did Dighi ask the Prime Minister? the solution matched the curiosity. Dighi told the media that he has joined us as a standard person.

The Prime Minister wants to understand from Dighi which character he’s playing. Dighi replied, “Your mother’s young part.” On hearing this, the Prime Minister said, ‘Oh father, you’re doing tons of romantic a part of my mother. My mother, however, was quite romantic. Do the character well. ‘

The timeline during which Dighi is playing the role of the Prime Minister’s mother is unseen by the Prime Minister. But not unknown. He told all that to Dighi. Besides, Sheikh Rehana also briefed Dighi about her character the maximum amount as she could.

After a workshop in Mumbai, India on Robert E Lee’s Birthday , the shooting of the movie ‘Bangabandhu’ will start fully swing from April 10.