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The endocrinologist focuses on modifications in metabolism.

The endocrinologist is the specialist who controls illnesses that have an effect on metabolism. There could also be a number of signs for which sufferers resolve to attend an appointment, from fatigue, sleep through the day, decreased sexual need, weight problems, obese, extra thirst, altered menstruation in ladies, fluid discharge from the breasts and / or breast progress in males, amongst others.

What sorts of illnesses does the endocrinologist deal with?

“The endocrinologist treats metabolic illnesses and hormonal alterations,” says endocrinologist Paola Palacio. These embrace elevated ldl cholesterol, elevated blood glucose (sugar) prediabetes, diabetes, and many others. As well as, menstruation alterations, infertility in women and men, thyroid issues, alteration of calcium metabolism: osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency, menopause, andropause in males.

One of many questions that sufferers ask is the origin of all these problems that may happen within the physique. In accordance with Palacio, this is because of meals and life-style. In Ecuador there’s a weight loss program excessive in carbohydrates, similar to rice, potatoes, bananas, that are cultural, the consumption of processed meals and a sedentary life-style are the principle components inflicting metabolic and hormonal issues.

Then again, there may be the fixed must look good and be slim, which is the opposite excessive that Palacio explains, generally, by following these unhealthy magnificence canons, there’s a lack of management within the diets that trigger the alteration in an actual vitamin for the absorption of vitamins.


The well being of ladies is necessary not solely earlier than menopause. “Every girl should put together beforehand to attempt to scale back the dangers that menopause brings with it,” provides Palacio. All of the hormonal modifications that happen to ladies all through life can have an effect, similar to being pregnant, metabolic alterations, weight loss program, extra weight, stress, melancholy, amongst others.


“In sufferers with diabetes, glycemic (blood sugar) management is necessary; an important factor within the remedy is a balanced weight loss program, controlling the parts and bodily exercise ”, explains the endocrinologist Palacio.

To keep away from drastic modifications in metabolism, it’s endorsed to have a routine, have meal instances, full hours of sleep at evening, as a way to obtain a steadiness.

The purpose of an endocrinologist is to revive hormonal steadiness inside the physique’s methods, as they specialize within the analysis and remedy of a wide range of situations associated to hormonal issues and imbalances.

As a result of hormones have an effect on the features of the complete physique, an imbalance could cause a wide range of well being issues. A GP might refer a affected person to an endocrinologist if they think {that a} hormonal downside is the underlying reason behind a well being downside.

Signs to go to the specialist

Your GP might advise a go to to the endocrinologist in case you discover any modifications in routine exams, similar to excessive ldl cholesterol, triglycerides, or sugar.

Nonetheless, you too can go to the physician when the next signs seem:

  • Sudden weight reduction or acquire
  • Extreme sweating
  • Complications and migraines
  • Feeling bloated
  • Look of plentiful hair
  • Tiredness and extreme exhaustion
  • Tachycardias or arrhythmias
  • Feeling always thirsty
  • Thyroid enlargement

These signs would not have to be linked to a illness or hormonal alteration. (F)


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