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What to do if there is too much salt in the curry?

What to do if there

Why not cook the curry also . it’s difficult to eat if you’ve got a touch more salt. repeatedly for various reasons we increase the quantity of salt a touch once we attend cook curry. Disadvantages to eating later. So what to try to to if there’s more salt within the curry? the small print of this report are-

Potatoes: within the vegetables which have more broth, if there’s more salt, a bit of potato skin was given thereto . during this way, if you boil the broth with potatoes for 20 minutes, it’ll absorb the additional salt.

Flour extract: If there’s no potato within the house, extra salt are often reduced with flour extract. Take half a cup of flour, add some water and two drops of oil, make alittle ball of moth and leave it within the curry. Remove the balls before serving at the top of cooking. you’ll see the additional salt disappears instantly!

Condensed milk: milk is extremely effective in reducing the salt of roasted vegetables. Pour half a cup of pre-heated milk and add salt to the curry. The taste of curry also will increase repeatedly .

Yogurt: Yogurt will do an equivalent thing as milk . those that don’t mind sweets, they will use sweet yogurt. Otherwise, sour yogurt will work alright during this case. But before giving yoghurt, it should be beaten well.

Onion: Peel the entire onion and cut it into two pieces and leave it within the curry. It absorbs excess salt. Just throw it away before serving. during this case you’ll also use fried onions. therein case, the curry will have a special spicy taste!

Vinegar and sugar: Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with two teaspoons of sugar and pour it within the curry. The sour taste of vinegar, and therefore the sweetness of sugar combined together will easily remove the additional salty taste of the curry.


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