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Vitamin C consumption versus avitaminosis | Health | Saejob


Nutritional vitamins are substances that we ingest by way of meals.

Nutritional vitamins are important substances which can be obtained by way of the meals. Not like proteins and carbohydrates, nutritional vitamins are micronutrients as a result of they’re wanted in small quantities.

What occurs when vitamin C is missing?

Naval explorations from the 15th to 18th centuries, and in addition from earlier instances, proved deadly for 1000’s of sailors, because of the avitaminosis, that’s to say, the shortage or deficiency of a vitamin within the physique.

Based on the nutritionist Arantza Ruiz, the shortage of vitamin C may cause oral alterations with weak point and bleeding of the gums and lack of tooth, anemia, bleeding and delayed wound therapeutic, dermatological and hair alterations, decreased rhythm of progress, elevated infections, fractures, and many others.

For a very long time, sailors who made lengthy ocean voyages confronted the uncertainty of not returning due to the lack of vitamin C, as a result of after affected by scurvy they’d cracked pores and skin with ulcerations, bleeding gums, loosened tooth, and a fetid odor was emitted from the physique.

James Lind was an 18th century Scottish surgeon who’s credited with having carried out the primary managed scientific trial, during which he proved that sailors might get well by together with lemons and oranges of their eating regimen.

Fruits consumed as a juice additionally contribute to the physique.

At current it has been outlined that the 2 fruits have equal quantities of vitamin C: 100 grams of every of those fruits include about 50 milligrams. Not like mandarin, which incorporates about half the vitamin C per 100 g: simply 27 milligrams.

Different fruits, akin to pineapple, present roughly 50 milligrams of vitamin C in 100 grams.

The dietary suggestion is to ingest the recommended daily amount of vitamin C for adults (75-90 mg)We must always eat both: three medium tangerines, or a big orange, or two slices of pineapple. (F)


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