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Turkey is investigating Facebook-WhatsApp

Turkey is investigating

Turkey has launched an investigation against Facebook and its subsidiary WhatsApp, a world-renowned social networking site. the govt of Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to research after giving a notice to gather the customer’s personal information. Reuters reported this information during a report on Monday (January 11).

According to the report, messenger messenger WhatsApp and Facebook send a replacement notice to each user. Where they invite permission to gather various information including the mobile number, location of the user. Following the incident, the Turkish government’s Competition Directorate on Monday ordered an investigation into the matter.

In a written statement, Turkey’s competition department said Facebook and WhatsApp should be pack up until the govt makes a choice following their investigation.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has launched a social media alternative to WhatsApp for messaging in Turkey. the amount of subscribers to the new app, called ‘BIP’, has risen to a record number since the country’s government launched an investigation into a replacement security rule on WhatsApp. The app currently has subscribers in 192 countries round the world, consistent with the Turkish state press agency Anadolu press agency .

Turkey’s largest mobile network giant Turkcell has come up with a messaging app called BiP. in only 24 hours, 12 lakh users open their ID during this app. It currently has 53 million users worldwide.