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This time a new series is coming after Dirilis Ertugrul

This time a new

The popular Turkish series Dirilis Ertugrul has caused a stir everywhere the planet . Ertugrul has become an excellent hero to the younger generation. this point Turkey goes to form a historical TV series about the heroism and contribution of the Muslims of India thereupon great hero.

This information has been given during a report of TRT World on Sunday (January 10).

This TV series has been named ‘Turkish Lala’. The new series is predicted to spotlight the contribution of Muslims within the Indian subcontinent to the caliphate movement.

Camel Tekdin, head of Tekdin Films, told Anadolu Agency that the screenplay for the “Turkish Lala” series has started. Then the artist are going to be selected. aside from Turkey, Pakistani stars also will perform within the series. However, most of the performances of the series are going to be held in Turkey.

In the meantime, on December 6, the producer of the series, Techdin, paid a five-day visit to Pakistan with a representative. At the time, they met with the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The word ‘lala’ in Pashto means younger brother. The ‘Turkish Lala’ series will highlight the contribution of Muslims from the subcontinent who came to Turkey in 1920 to fight against the imperialist powers.