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One year of the first death in Corona

One year of the first

The first death was reported on January 11 last year in Wuhan, China. The 71-year-old man wont to visit Uhan’s butcher shop regularly. it’s said that the virus originated from there. Later, however, other information came up.

The Times of India reported on Monday (January 11th).

From the very beginning of the virus’s origin, China has consistently claimed that, although the primary infection was detected in China, the country isn’t a source of the novel coronavirus. So where is that the source? the solution to the present question, however, remains unknown. Experts are skeptical about whether it’ll be known in the least .

The number of individuals infected with coronavirus worldwide has exceeded 90 million. Infections have doubled within the last three months. quite 19 lakh lost their lives. But much of this horrific epidemic remains unknown.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly appealed to China to send an expert team to Wuhan. But China is reluctant to permit their investigative team into the country. Recently, the team’s visit to China was almost over. But at the eleventh hour China said again, they’re not ready.

“There may be a misunderstanding,” said Tedros Adhanam Gabrieusus, head of the planet Health Organization, at a press conference . But China has not said when the misunderstanding are going to be resolved. within the face of criticism, China has said it’s preparing to welcome the WHO team.

Zheng Yixin, deputy minister of China’s National Health Commission, said: “The date for the planet Health Organization’s visit to China is being set. We made. we’ll also go there to research if the planet Health Organization’s expert team informs them of their schedule.

Meanwhile, coronary heart condition prevention has started in many first-line countries. Israel is at the forefront of vaccination. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken the second dose of Pfizer-Bioentech Covid vaccine. He said if all goes well, every resident of the country are going to be given antidote by March.