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Leased land cannot be sub-leased

Leased land cannot be

From now on, no leased government land are often sub-leased. At an equivalent time, the class, size and sort of land can’t be changed in any way. Adding such a paragraph, the Ministry of Land has issued another circular on January 8 this month amending a number of the circulars on rescheduling the temporary lease of vested property issued on December 3.

The amendment circular also mentions the replacement of paragraph-5 mentioned within the circular issued in 2019. Substituted amended paragraph is that within the case of repair of temporarily leased non-refundable vested property, the lessee may perform necessary repairs to the prevailing installation at his own expense with none prior approval of the Deputy Commissioner / appropriate authority or construction of any new installation. However, a maximum of fifty of the annual lease of the property concerned are often spent on repairs.

The amendment also involves the addition of two new paragraphs to the previous circular. The paragraphs are that the speed of allotment of salami square feet of vested houses introduced in accordance with the acceptable circular of the Ministry of Land will remain an equivalent . However, considering the condition and site of the house, the utmost rent are often increased or decreased by 10 percent. during this case, the precise rationale, explanation and recommendation of the Deputy Commissioner should be approved by the Divisional Commissioner and therefore the Ministry of Land should be told . If the vacant land is leased and therefore the home is built at its own cost with the approval of the Deputy Commissioner, the lessee will need to pay another 20 percent additionally to the fixed rent for the infrastructure along side the fixed lease price of the vacant land.

The amendment states that paragraphs 6, 7 and eight of the circular issued in 2019 remain effective as was common .

Based on the views of the lessee and therefore the deputy commissioner, the land ministry decides on the property to form the salami money collectible and people-friendly. On the idea of this, the Ministry of Land issued a circular on December 3 on ‘Rescheduling of lease salami on temporary basis of vested property’. After making some amendments within the circular within the public interest, on January 8, the Ministry of Land issued an amendment circular on ‘How many amendments within the rescheduling of temporary lease of vested property’.


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