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K-food: the Korean diet that helps you lose weight and improve your skin | Health | Saejob


The eating regimen of the natives of South Korea has its peculiarities and well being advantages.

South Korea it’s the nation of magnificence par excellence. First the Ok-Magnificence with its revolutionary masks and its ten steps to correct pores and skin, fashions that have been talked about and proceed to take action.

Subsequently, it’s simple that on this age Koreans are pioneers in skincare. Easy, with out imperfections and really luminous, these are the important keys to her complexion, which continues to be the dream of many, even Koreans. Nonetheless, his intensive care (and a part of his genetics) will not be his solely secret. The latent “miracle” for nearly excellent pores and skin can be in your eating regimen.

There are numerous typical dishes of the Korean eating regimen, which primarily consists of cooked, uncooked, or fermented greens; along with fish, grain rice or noodles. In lots of instances, meat protein is omitted, which in some dishes is changed by soybeans, tofu or mushrooms, comparable to shiitake; wheat and, after all, processed.

Dairy replaces different drinks that mimic smoothies, such because the well-known ‘banana-milk’. Picture: Pinterest

The meals they eat is often ready from cooked and wholesome manner in order that they proceed to be low-calorie meals, with all their vitamins on the floor.

This doesn’t imply that they by no means eat meals. Scrap. Avenue meals stalls are full of types of sweets, fried and cooked, What do they do vibrate the palate of the common Korean. Nonetheless, your each day eating regimen has a number of advantages that we’ll let you know about beneath.

The busiest streets of the capital have a number of meals carts. Foto: Instagram Gorgeous Korea

Why is your eating regimen helpful?

In accordance with the feeding part of OkDiary, which additionally helps this concept, there are a number of tips that they comply with to take care of a balanced eating regimen, however it’s largely as a result of advantages of just about all of the meals they eat each day.

  • Greens: they’re very wealthy in fiber, satiating, low in energy and really wholesome. They need to have a presence in virtually all of your dishes, particularly some just like the kimchi or sauerkraut, essentially the most utilized in Korean routines. Additionally all inexperienced leafy ones.
  • Fish: they offer precedence to fish, since they’re a wonderful supply of protein and omega three fatty acids. Quite the opposite, they keep away from the consumption of meats, particularly purple.
Recent fish is often consumed within the coastal areas of the nation. Foto: Pixabay
  • Water: the standard suggestion is to drink a minimum of two liters of water each day, and within the case of Korean girls, they often even attain three.
  • Inexperienced tea: it is among the greatest allies you possibly can have in your Korean eating regimen, since because of its anti-inflammatory properties it should assist you to really feel much less swelling and larger consolation. It additionally has antioxidant properties, so taking a minimum of one a day can be very helpful on your pores and skin and your well being.
  • Soups: they’re an excellent useful resource to extend your fluid consumption; The spicy and light-weight ones are extremely advisable, since they speed up the metabolism and improve vitality expenditure, particularly the spicy ones.
Their soups are often accompanied by seaweed.
  • Cooked: it’s key to wager on preparations which can be wholesome, and on this case steaming takes the cake, with which the utmost taste, texture, minerals and nutritional vitamins of the meals are obtained.
  • Forbidden: meals completely prohibited in one of these eating regimen are refined flours, sugars, dairy and processed meals. Within the case of dairy merchandise, it’s as a result of they will promote the looks of zits.

Taking into consideration that the idea of their eating regimen is steamed greens, caloric consumption decreases significantly if we examine one of these eating regimen with others.

One thing that additionally helps on the subject of sustaining a nutritious diet is the vegetable or meat broth that’s included in some dishes, which makes them extra full when served. As well as, the entrees are all the time served in small plates and are made from seasoned greens, this makes On the time of the primary course, don’t be so hungry and, subsequently, eat extra reasonably. (F)


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