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Japan-Kashmir-Spain public life in the snow


The northern a part of Japan is within the grip of the worst blizzard in history. The country’s Toyama city is roofed in snow up to a record 6 cm in 24 hours. Indian Kashmir also received heavy snowfall on an equivalent day. Meanwhile, things in Spain has deteriorated further thanks to strong winds and continuous snowfall for the past few days.

Pathghats are covered with white snow, most are during a state of awkwardness in severe winter. Japan has set a replacement record for snowfall as temperatures remain well below zero.

On Sunday (January 10th), one among the worst snowstorms in history hit the streets of several northern cities, including Nigata, Toyama, Ishikawa and Fukui. within the last two days, up to six cm of snow has fallen in these areas. quite thousand vehicles were stranded on the ice, causing stagnation on the roads. Arrangements were then made to get rid of the ice and take away the vehicles. Authorities fear the temperature could drop further within the next few days.

The image of Srinagar in Indian-inhabited Kashmir has also faded as temperatures are hovering below freezing for the past two days. Traffic is being disrupted thanks to snow on various roads. Many attend work on foot. Going out of the house in search of livelihood even within the cold winter. within the meantime, search for a touch warmth during a cup of tea. There are several areas without electricity in inclemency . As a result, temperatures in New Delhi , Punjab and Haryana are expected to drop significantly, the weather outlook said.

A local said, ‘We are during a lot of trouble due to the snowfall. i can not find a car on the thanks to work. Important roads are closed. It are often said that we are spending our days during a state of stagnation.

Public life within the Madrid , Madrid, has come to a standstill thanks to continuous snowfall. Traffic on important roads is additionally closed on Sunday thanks to snowfall. Madrid’s Bazaras airport has been closed since Friday. many tourists have suffered during this . The Meteorological Department has forecast that the temperature may drop to minus 11 degrees Celsius next week. during this situation, the Spanish government has instructed the residents to not leave their homes without urgent need within the disaster areas.