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Indian Army information smuggling in the nude pictures of women!

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Naked woman, a conversation filled with sex is that the day of a person from Rajasthan. this is often how Pakistan’s spy ISI found out a network to capture information about the Indian army. Satyanarayana Paliwal, a person from Jalsalam, was arrested thereon ‘honeytrap’. Satyanarayana is that the husband of a former village head of Lathi Thana area.

The information was published within the Indian media Anandabazar on Monday (January 11).

Rajasthan police arrested Satyanarayana last week after receiving information from a secret source. He has been accused of spying. Police claimed that Satyanarayana had admitted how he fell into the honeytrap during interrogation.

Satyanarayana said he got familiar with a lady . They often talked online. Not only talking, the lady also sent nude pictures of him. there have been various conversations about sex. Satyanarayana claimed that he wont to share all the knowledge about the Pokhran target range and therefore the soldiers there with the lady out of greed for that picture and conversation. The more nude pictures, the more information is exchanged নাকি that is what they talked about.

According to the police, Satyanarayana is believed to possess shared tons of data after getting involved within the scam. He kept in-tuned with several such women by creating fake social accounts.

According to sources, Satyanarayana wont to collect these secret information of the military thanks to his wife being the village head.

Detectives have acknowledged after investigation that Satyanarayana was active during this work for an extended time. He kept in-tuned with ISI through social media. and therefore the ISI has snatched the knowledge by showing him the temptation of girls . Detectives had been keeping an eye fixed on Satyanarayana’s activities for several days. He was arrested shortly afterwards. Detectives said that a lot of important documents of the military were recovered from his mobile .

He was arrested and delivered to Jaipur. Rajasthan police said they were investigating what information Satyanarayana had smuggled and who he was lecture .