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India is using IS to destabilize Pakistan: Imran

India is using IS to

Prime Minister Imran Khan has accused India of using the militant group IS to destabilize Pakistan. Attending an occasion on Sunday (December 10th), he said IS was behind the killing of thousands of Shia coal workers in Balochistan. He claimed that India was using militants albeit it couldn’t provide specific information.

Asked about the killings within the Hazara community, Imran said, “Militant groups within the region have done tons of injury to Pakistan. The Shia Hazara community especially is being targeted all the time. consistent with our intelligence agencies, India is supporting this militant group. especially , the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had a previous decide to spread unrest in Pakistan.

In a discussion with Pakistan’s intelligence in March last year, Imran also said that Delhi was spreading communalism in Pakistan by killing Shias and Sunnis. during this case, the Pakistani Prime Minister also blames the federal for the shortage of attention in Balochistan.

The Prime Minister highlighted the interior problems of Balochistan with the Sardari system in Balochistan. consistent with him, tribal leaders will unite the federal government; Under this alliance, the event fund issued for Balochistan was to be spent through the Sardars. But that cooperation didn’t reach the people. during this case, the folk there have remained poor.

Last week, 11 coal workers from the Shia community in Balochistan were shot dead. IS claimed responsibility for the killings. Security forces later launched a serious operation within the vicinity of Balochistan.

India and Pakistan are often at odds over various issues, including Kashmir, border killings and militancy. Neither side talks with concessions. In such a situation, Imran Khan alleged that India was trying to destabilize Pakistan by using the militant group ISK.