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Foods that are harmful to the liver | Health | Saejob


This organ is without doubt one of the most vital within the human physique. We inform you what meals it’s best to keep away from to guard it.

The liver is a vitally vital organ that serves to digest meals, remove toxins or retailer power, crowning itself as one of many largest organs within the human physique. Its absence or dysfunction may trigger loss of life.

This organ is situated within the higher proper a part of our stomach, slightly below the diaphragm. Amongst its principal capabilities is to secrete bile to digest the fat we eat, however it isn’t the one one. A few of them are:

  • Nutrient storage corresponding to nutritional vitamins, glycogen or iron, which have been beforehand absorbed by the digestive system.
  • Plasma protein synthesis
  • Produces bile to advertise the absorption of meals, particularly fats.
  • Elimination of poisons corresponding to alcohol, medication or different poisonous merchandise for the physique.

Though its causes can differ, together with main an unhealthy life-style, it may result in liver illness. That’s the reason it’s important to eat a wholesome and balanced food regimen, along with exercising frequently.

Subsequent we are going to inform you about a number of the meals which are dangerous to the liver.

Processed meals

Processed meals are sometimes low in vitamins and loaded with energy, making it tough for an individual to manage weight. Picture: Pixabay

Meats, bag of chips, chilly cuts, sliced ​​bread and even nuts are wealthy in sodium. Subsequently, to guard our liver, a average consumption is advisable, and even attempt to keep away from them.

Protein ‘wealthy’ meals


Proteins, in contrast to different meals talked about above, are important for all times. Nonetheless, ingesting an extra of protein may cause our liver to cease working correctly, and consequently, toxins which are dangerous to our physique cease being eradicated.

Salt and extra salt …

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Salt retains fluids, will increase blood stress and can also be dangerous to our liver. Not solely should we take away the salt shaker from our desk, however it is usually essential to verify the labels of meals wealthy in sodium corresponding to meat, sausages, snacks or nuts.

The customized of power drinks

For some years now, power drinks have change into our nice allies, at examination time or with a big quantity of labor. Nonetheless, an abusive consumption of power drinks cannot solely trigger sleep disturbances or trigger nervousness, they’re additionally detrimental to the performance of the liver.

Beer, spirits, alcohol …

Alcohol is by no means useful to well being, and even abusive consumption may cause illnesses corresponding to cirrhosis. An extra of alcohol can have an effect on the functioning and harm the cells which are on this organ, impairing the proper digestion of meals.


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Tooth decay, weight acquire, or the danger of illnesses corresponding to diabetes are simply a number of the dangers of consuming numerous sugar. However, as well as, the consumption of sugary meals or drinks may also help to develop liver illnesses. (F)