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Consultants clarify the rationale for some myths concerning the consumption of sure meals in the course of the day.


Do you need to hand over sure meals at sure occasions of the day? Time and again this sort of recommendation is heard. One among them factors out that you shouldn’t eat salad at evening, because it makes digestion tough. However this concept is a component, like many others, of the realm of myths. Based on the ecoanthropologist Astrid Donalies, from the German Meals Society (DGE), there isn’t any robust scientific proof that it’s good to restrict some meals reminiscent of uncooked vegetables and fruit to as much as 2 pm.

Burping prevents you from falling asleep

Individuals who have heartburn needs to be cautious about consuming fruits at evening, particularly these with a number of acid, reminiscent of citrus fruits, as this may result in burping. “That is particularly uncomfortable when you find yourself mendacity down and uncomfortable in the case of falling asleep,” says Sabine Holzäpfel, advisor to the Meals and Diet division of the German state Baden-Württemberg shopper recommendation middle.

One thing comparable goes for the salad. However, in accordance with Holzäpfel, this varies from individual to individual and confirms Donalies sayings: “There isn’t a scientific proof that you need to hand over consuming uncooked greens at evening,” holds.

A hearty breakfast is beneficial, because the digestive system is most lively within the morning. Picture: Christin Klose

The biorhythm of the digestion system

Earlier than it was believed that all the pieces trusted the overall calorie consumption for the day and never on when or how typically it was eaten. “However at present there are indications that timing (meals is consumed) additionally performs a job. Some research present well being advantages if breakfast is ample and dinner is much less caloric “, explains Holzäpfel.

This is smart, because the digestive system depends upon the biorhythm. That is extra lively within the morning hours, whereas within the afternoon-night it really works much less. However this doesn’t imply that the assertion in accordance with which all the pieces that’s eaten after 18 hours just isn’t digested is appropriate. “Digestion begins once you chew and with saliva in your mouth,” explains Donalies. And the gastrointestinal tract doesn’t fully droop its work in a single day.

Nonetheless, some meals are simpler to digest and others harder. Meals which might be extremely seasoned, scorching or fried, and huge dinners, reminiscent of very heavy casseroles, keep longer within the gastrointestinal tract and are digested extra slowly. Alcohol additionally slows digestion.

A heavy meal is digested extra slowly. Picture: Florian Schuh

This could result in discomfort reminiscent of heaviness, bloating, or heartburn. “Those that have these issues shouldn’t eat a lot at evening, and a most of three or 4 hours earlier than going to sleep,” advises the DGE knowledgeable Donalies.

Liquid meals, reminiscent of soups and porridges, have a shorter retention time and are subsequently normally extra digestible.

A matter of behavior

What to surrender at evening relies upon quite a bit by yourself customs. If the primary dish is eaten at evening, the physique normally will get used to this. “In these circumstances it is strongly recommended to eat calmly and chew nicely, as this improves digestion,” explains Holzäpfel.

Feeling full and having fuel are usually not good beginning factors for restful sleep. So when you really feel very full after consuming, it’s best to strive somewhat motion or go for a stroll earlier than going to mattress.

Generally, the concept is to concentrate to your personal physique and to strive with which meals you’re feeling most snug.

A heavy dinner makes it tough to go to sleep. Picture: Christin Klose

Do not eat a number of white bread at evening

Based on Astrid Donalies, There are observations that present that sure late intakes can result in the looks of obese and ailments reminiscent of kind two diabetes. Because of this, it appears to make no sense to eat a number of easy carbohydrates at evening, reminiscent of sweets or white bread.

Nonetheless, for this ecoanthropologist, what is actually decisive for the event of physique weight is the power stability: the energy contained in meals should correspond to the power consumption of the physique.

Alcohol doesn’t pace up digestion, quite the opposite, it slows it down. Picture: Christin Klose

What’s the usage of fasting?

Timing can be key when doing intervals of fasting. In these circumstances you may eat virtually all the pieces, however solely at sure occasions.

Among the many hottest diets are 16: eight and 14:10. Because of this, for instance, you solely drink water, unsweetened tea or black espresso for 14 to 16 hours. Within the remaining 10 to eight you may eat usually.

Domalies affirms that doing this alone doesn’t change the kind of weight-reduction plan or go for a more healthy weight-reduction plan. Nonetheless, some information point out that this sort of weight-reduction plan can have constructive results on well being and thus profit weight reduction. “The research don’t present a transparent image. Neither by way of the long-term penalties, “he provides.

Alternatively, the specialist critically views the separation of carbohydrates and proteins. “It’s not essential to separate them in time,” he says, since – in accordance with what he says – the human physique is ready to digest each meals on the identical time.


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