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Corona took the life of journalist Mizanur Rahman Khan

Corona took the life of

Prominent journalist and joint editor of Prothom Alo Mizanur Rahman Khan (53) has died. He died at a personal hospital within the capital on Monday (January 11th) evening.

According to family sources, Mizanur Rahman Khan was infected with coronavirus on November 26. He was first treated at a personal hospital in Dhaka. When the matter escalated, he was admitted to Universal Medical College Hospital in Mohakhali on December 10. He was undergoing treatment at the medical care unit there. He was taken to life support last Saturday afternoon after his condition deteriorated. The doctor on duty declared him dead at 6:05 pm on Monday.

Zahid Ahmed Siddiqui, a doctor at Universal Medical College Hospital, told the media that journalist Mizanur Rahman Khan was admitted to the hospital on December 10. He was being treated within the corona zone. Then on 15th and 16th December, when the corona sample was tested again, a negative report came. He was later taken to the green zone for treatment. He had to tend oxygen for therefore long. A CT scan on December 26 showed that 98 percent of his lungs were infected. He was on oxygen support. On January 9, his demand for oxygen continued to extend . He was given ventilation support (artificial respiration) at 5.45 pm that day. His vital sign also decreases. Meanwhile, he had a attack at 5.15 pm. He was later pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m.

Journalist Mizanur Rahman Khan was born on 31 October 1966 in Nalchiti, Jhalokati. He completed his undergraduate (honors) and postgraduate degrees in accounting from BM College, Barisal. Mizanur Rahman Khan has been a journalist for 3 decades. In his colorful career, he served because the special correspondent of the daily Jugantar. He wont to write on constitution and law. His most notable books are The Constitution and therefore the Caretaker Government Debate, 1971: America’s Secret Document.


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