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Cinnamon and lemon tea, an effective remedy to lower fever | Health | Saejob


Study in regards to the many advantages of this fragrant and candy spice.

Cinnamon, virtually all the time used for desserts, can also be a wholesome manner so as to add taste to meals, particularly as a substitute of including sugar.

Based on a examine printed on the web site of the Mayo Clinic, in the US, a cup of cinnamon tea with lemon within the morning, as a substitute of espresso, reduces blood levels of cholesterol, and its dangerous results, resembling blocked arteries, dizziness, hypertension and others.

One other good thing about this drink is its antioxidant energy, because it helps restore the harm brought on by oxidative stress. It improves digestion, contributes to weight reduction, freshens breath (fights halitosis), and in addition serves as a reminiscence booster.

For chilly or flu signs, a highly regarded cup of cinnamon and lemon tea serves as a pure expectorant because it has antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties.

To fight fever, cough, nasal congestion and headache, it is strongly recommended to make an infusion, for this you boil a cup of water by including 1 cinnamon stick, when it breaks the boil you flip off the burner, add 1 teaspoon of chilly water and depart it relaxation three minutes earlier than including 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Take it scorching.

Different properties of cinnamon tea


Cinnamon tea helps the physique to restore the harm brought on by oxidative stress: resembling wrinkles and zits; and in different illnesses that nearly all the time current in maturity resembling diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Good for digestion

Though it doesn’t cleanse your physique, cinnamon tea helps the kidneys and liver work higher; this as a result of they enhance the manufacturing of digestive acids. A cup after the primary meal is an effective technique.

Helps to drop a few pounds

As an alternative of simply consuming water, when you dare to have a cup of cinnamon tea earlier than every meal it’ll make you’re feeling fuller; which can permit you to eat much less and your physique will soak up vitamins extra effectively. As well as, in line with research carried out on the College of Michigan, a compound current in cinnamon can have an effect on fats metabolism and be useful in opposition to chubby and weight problems.

Freshens breath

The lemon that’s added to the tea additionally contributes to the elimination of micro organism within the mouth, that are the reason for dangerous breath. (F)