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Bangladesh and India agree to take initiatives to ease trade complexities

Bangladesh and India agree

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said India may be a tested friend of Bangladesh. the 2 countries have close trade and economic ties. Ongoing trade between the 2 countries has the potential to grow further.

The minister made the remarks at an exchange of views with Indian Ambassador to Dhaka Vikram Doraiswamy at the Bangladesh Secretariat on Sunday (January 11th).

The minister said it had been possible to extend trade between the 2 countries by removing trade barriers if necessary steps were taken. Non-tariff barriers are often discussed. it’s possible to extend trade by improving customs management at the border.

Commerce Minister said both countries got to take necessary initiatives for this. Initiatives are going to be taken to ease the prevailing trade complexities between the 2 countries. Peaceful solution of all problems is feasible by working sincerely.

Praising Ambassador Vikram Doraiswamy, the Commerce Minister said the prevailing problems could are resolved through dialogue. it had been impossible thanks to lack of necessary initiatives, there was a chance to start out a replacement discussion. Now i think the issues are going to be solved quickly.

Indian Ambassador Vikram Doraiswamy said India has more opportunities to extend trade with Bangladesh. There are some complications during this case. of these problems are often resolved through talks between the 2 countries.

The Ambassador said the development of the bridge on the Ramgarh border has created opportunities for import and export of both the countries. it’s possible to start out activities by introducing customs house and immigration system here. this may benefit the people of the region including Tripura. Necessary steps got to be taken for this. Necessary steps are going to be taken to facilitate the formality of customs at the border.

In the last financial year 2019-2020, Bangladesh exported goods worth ০ 1,098.38 million to India, while India exported goods worth ৭৭ 5.64 million. The Indian Ambassador also assured that the export of Bangladeshi products to the Indian market would increase further if the trade complexities were removed.


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