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Apple and Hyundai will sign an agreement in March to build electric cars

Apple and Hyundai will

US tech giant Apple is about to sign a affect South Korean carmaker Hyundai next March to create electric cars. This information was given on Sunday (January 10) by the local media of Korea Korea IT.

According to media reports, the 2 companies want to start out car manufacturing within the us by 2024. That’s why they’re able to release a beta version of the electrical car next year.

In a statement issued by Hyundai on Friday, the corporate said it had been already in talks to sign a venture agreement.

Hyundai’s share price rose 20 percent on Friday, shortly after technology maker Apple confirmed the merger with Hyundai.

According to a report within the British media Reuters last month, Apple wants to plug electric cars by 2024 with batteries made in its own technology.

Apple wants to overtake Tesla, the world’s richest carmaker Elon Musk, which is currently growing rapidly within the electric market. Not only that, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford and General Motors also want to capture the market.